Who we are.

HomeEXCEPT is a machine learning company developing solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT). Our first product was a winner of the AARP Innovation Award for Caregiving. Our platform does not use cameras or microphones. We put privacy first with a 100% anonymous solution. The name "HomeEXCEPT" comes from our method for using machine learning to find "exceptions" to the usual patterns of daily living. 

We have partnered with leaders in the industry to develop software solutions that use the latest advanced technology.  

Our Team

What we do in 378 Words

HomeEXCEPT is a machine learning company that offers preventative, non-intrusive monitoring for caregiving. Non-intrusive monitoring is a system that can monitor the use of a space without violating privacy.

The HomeEXCEPT system is 100% anonymous, and does not use cameras or microphones for monitoring. Instead, HomeEXCEPTs unique machine learning solution relies on localized sensors to find exceptions to the usual patterns of daily living. Ambient environmental sensors identify movement, temperature, and humidity at assigned objects or locations throughout the space.

Data is shared with subscribers (caregivers, members of the circle of care) through a mobile app. The app allows for real-time sensor activity monitoring. Over time, the machine-based learning component of the system learns the normal patterns of activity, and delivers insight into how these patterns have evolved or changed. For example, allowing a caregiver, or healthcare professional to monitor changes in a normal pattern of activity after a medication change, or a hospital stay.

Users are able to set specific notification parameters within the app so that they are notified of changes that might be worrisome in their particular caregiving situation. User administrators can provide revocable access to other members of the circle of care (i.e. a Family Physician, Specialist, or Pharmacist) offering simplified information sharing and reliable pattern of activity reporting.

HomeEXCEPT relies on Wirepas Mesh, a wireless connectivity technology (that is not reliant on wifi or bluetooth), for data collection, remote control of sensors, sensor-to-sensor communication, and cloud-based data collection. Wirepas Mesh allows all sensors within the network to function as routers for each other. This allows for the creation of an optimized self-healing network with unlimited scalability, coverable and density, while limiting network downtime and disruptions.

HomeEXCEPT sensors are unobtrusive, weatherproof, and made of high-quality polycarbonate. They are wireless, and rely on user-replaceable batteries (with a 2 year battery life). Sensors use Wirepas Mesh technology to connect with an internet-enabled Gateway. The Gateway transmits the anonymized data to cloud based storage, where it is analyzed using machine learning technology, and presented to end users through the mobile app interface.

HomeEXCEPT offers services on a subscription basis. The HomeEXCEPT Start Kit sells for $45/month and includes: a gateway (and cabling), 5 sensors, 3M dual lock (reclosable fasteners), and access to the mobile app.