Getting Started

Download the App

Once you received a text confirmation your tags have shipped you can download the HomeEXCEPT app and log in with your mobile number. You can begin planning how you want to setup before the tags even arrive.

Log In

Enter you mobile phone and the verification code.

Sensor View

At first your tags default to 1,2,3,4,5 and the icons in the blue squares will all be set to ?. Before your system arrives you can begin thinking about where and how you plan to install the sensors.

The first thing to consider is what do you want to monitor today? The tags can be reset and moved when circumstances change. What objects are associated to your monitoring goal?

Editing Sensor Settings

To access the tag settings slide a sensor card to the left. Select the grey edit box. Edit the label and change the object icon. Choose the correct city for time zone purposes. When you change the object it will reset the data for the new object.

This is also where you can set notifications for the sensor. We will cover this in setting notifications.

The Gateway

Step 1

The first step to get your system up and running is to connect the gateway to your internet router.

Connect the ethernet cable to the router using an available LAN port.

Step 2

Connect the ethernet cable to the gateway and plug in the power adapter. Keep the gateway in a well ventilated area. It will get hot. This is normal.

Step 3

The green light should now be flashing on the gateway.

Step 4

Confirm data is flowing by opening the app and checking the minutes under the tag icon. It should say 30 secs or less when everything connects.

Placing Tags

How to place your tags

At least one tag needs to be within 40 feet of the gateway. The other tags need to be within 20 feet of another tag or also within 40 feet of the gateway. The tags will then create a wireless mesh network to transmit data to the gateway.


The most common way to place a tag is to put it inside the object you want to track.

  • To track medications the tag can be placed in a drawer or box where the medications are stored. When the drawer is opened the tag will record the activity.
  • Another common spot is inside the fridge door on one of the shelves. Every time the door is open the movement and changes in climate are measured.
  • If you want to know when the car door is opened a tag can be place in the cup holder on the door.


The 3M Dual Lock is very versatile for attaching a tag directly to an object. Using scissors or a utility knife cut a small length for the back of the tag. Remove the backing by cutting a slit to make it easier to peel off. Stick it to the back of the sensor. Repeat this process to create another piece to stick onto the object.


A good example for hanging a tag is the toilet. When a toilet is flushed the water supply line will vibrate as the tank refills. Hanging a tag on the supply line can detect this usage. The 3M Dual Lock can be used to make a circle for hanging the tag. You can also stick a tag to a lanyard to be easily carried.