Groups are how you organize your tags and customize your notification experience. Once your tags notifications have been set, you must add the tags to a group in order to receive the push notifications.

You can add any number or combination of tags to any number of desired groups.

To add a tag to a group, open the menu located at the top left corner of the app on your mobile device and tap "Group Management."

  • Once in the group management menu, the blue circle with the white plus-sign in the bottom right corner to create a new group.
  • Choose a custom group name using your keyboard and hit "Done."
  • Then swipe left on the group like you would if you wanted to edit a tag.

There are three icons that will appear:

  • Red: This will delete the group from your list.
  • Grey: This is how you edit the group settings.
  • Blue: This icon is used for copying the mobile numbers of whoever is in this group to your clipboard.

NOTE: The clipboard is a great tool to contact the members of a group. By copying the numbers to your clipboard, you can easily paste the numbers in your messaging app of choice and send a group message. This helps users protect their identity by messaging out of the app.

Tap the grey icon to edit your group and press the plus sign by "Add sensors" to select which tags you wish to add.


Ex: If you had tags in two different houses, you could make a separate group for each house in order to organize and know which notifications are coming from which building as easily as possible.

Tap the grey circle by the name of which tag you wish to add and a blue checkmark should appear if adding it to the group was successful.

When you are done editing the group, hit "Save Changes" and tap the "X" in the top right corner or swipe down in order to return to the groups menu.