The Feed

The feed is where you can view all of your notifications and insights. The content in this feed can vary depending on the notifications you've set.

Here is a view of a typical feed. Notice the notifications that have triggered.

Insights will be outlined in blue. Insights look for patterns in the data that aren't always obvious.


Archiving Notifications/Insights

There could be a notification or insight you wish to save for later reference. You can do this by archiving your notifications/insights.

In order to archive a notification/insight all you need to do is swipe left on the desired notification/insight. Tap the blue archive button and now your notification/insight is saved.


You can access your archived notifications/insights by tapping the white box icon on top right of the screen.

Deleting Notifications/Insights

If you wish to clear your feed of no longer useful insights or notifications you may delete them.

Do this by swiping right on the notification/insight you wish to delete.

Tap the red delete button and your notification will be removed.


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