v.3.12 Release Notes

  • Squashed a few v3.1.1 bugs
    • Add guest not functioning for Ireland numbers
    • Fix alignment of notifications on Climate graphs

  • v1.0 API Data Access
    • API access to tag data
    • API is secured using the OAuth 2.0 framework, thus only a user with valid client credentials can access the API
    • Please contact the sales team and provide them with the necessary details such as phone number, e-mail address to obtain your client credentials
    • Once approved you will receive an email with the client_id, client_secret, scope and access point
    • API user guide: https://www.notion.so/API-Access-97ffa031de884902b70f4f3b10f0891e
    • Previous Release Notes

v.3.11 Release Notes
v3.10 Release Notes