Tag "No Data"

If a tag is flashing "No Data" on the app screen it is not making a connection to the gateway. The most common reasons for this are;

  1. Confirm the gateway is set-up correctly
  2. Make sure the plastic tab for the battery was removed.
  3. The maximum distance for a tag is about 40' to the gateway or 20' to another tag (whichever is shorter). There must be a tag within 40' of the gateway to make the first connection (hop).
  4. The battery in the tag might have failed.

How to check the battery

The tag settings page in the app has a battery indicator. However, if the battery is drained in the first place this won't help you. Follow these steps to check the battery;

  1. Open the tag by separating the base from the top.
  2. Remove the circuit board inside. You might have to tap it on the table to get it out.
  3. Remove the battery and reinsert. If the light on the circuit board flashes green the tag reset.
  4. Place the tag near the gateway and wait a few minutes to confirm it has connected.
  5. If this does not work then contact support.