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Proactive Care

Proactive Care

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HomeEXCEPT is a proactive monitoring solution to prevent accidents for older adults living at home.

"Being proactive means being reactive.... ahead of time."*

Smart sensor tags are placed with everyday objects.

Instead of tagging people, tag the things they use. Tags blend into the background and don't interfere with everyday living.


Any object can be tagged for individual requirements.

Everyone is unique and so are their monitoring needs. 100s of options to customize for what you need.


Artificial Intelligence does the work.

AI looks for changes in the patterns of everyday living. These changes are potential indicators of future risks. Giving you insights to be proactive.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is proactive care?

Proactive care monitors changes in daily habits by measuring how objects are being used for indicators of potential risks. Action can then be taken to reduce the likelihood of a serious accident.

Who Buys HomeEXCEPT?

HomeEXCEPT is designed for Care Managers and Providers that want to offer families proactive care planning options.

How do I get a system?

Before using a HomeEXCEPT system we would like to speak with you to make sure it's the right solution. You can book a brief discovery call here.There are never any contracts and you can cancel anytime.

Can I see the user support Guide?

Of course. Everything about our hardware and software is documented in the user guide.

User Guide

Is there an API to integrate your product into ours?

Yes. If you are here because you want to build our features into your own product we have an API. To discuss API access please book a discovery call here.

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