What is an #AgeTech Entrepreneur?

Jennifer McLeod

If you have business mindset, love to stay current with technology, and have a passion for work that makes a difference, you might be an #AgeTech Entrepreneur.

Our affiliates come from many professional backgrounds - real estate, sales, technology, senior living, elder care consultation, and home health care, to name a few. What binds them together is their love for leveraging technology to create a healthier and safer world.

What we do at HomeEXCEPT

HomeEXCEPT is on a mission to improve the lives of older adults and their caregivers. We offer easy-to-use, simple to install technology that enables safer aging at home. Privacy-first sensors are assigned to items in the home that are related to activities of daily living so friends, family, and professional caregivers can monitor routines remotely.

Without cameras or listening devices, HomeEXCEPT keeps the circle of care informed - you can check activity anytime on your HomeEXCEPT app, set customized notifications for the behaviours you worry about most, and identify how things are changing over time.

Our system allows helpers to know what kind of help is needed and when, giving caregivers peace of mind and creating a safer space for the senior choosing to age in place.

Who is a “right fit” to become a HomeEXCEPT Affiliate?

An ideal affiliate is someone who sees SOLUTIONS when faced with a problem AND someone who’s “tuned in” to the kind of language and empathy required to help others embrace those solutions.

They know how to hustle and leverage their network to find opportunities. They have a sense of purpose and thrive in sales when offering a product or solution that they know can have a positive impact. They have a strong sense of community and a drive to serve the growing number of aging people in their area.

They empathize deeply with the struggles of caregivers and older adults, and understand that as we age, needs change, and that giving up control and asking for help is HARD. They see ways to navigate past hesitations and help their clients find the value in something they may not have considered before.

They are master promoters but feel most energized by products and services that improve lives. They’re trustworthy and would never sell something they don’t believe in. They stand behind their word.

Are YOU our next HomeEXCEPT Affiliate superstar?

If you find yourself excited by what you just read, or heard that little whisper that said “That’s me!” then we’d love to hear from you!

Affiliates are rewarded 20-40% commission on their monthly recurring sales. Find more info on our Affiliate program here - if you think we should meet on zoom, fill out the intake form and we’ll be in touch!