v3.10 Release Notes

Squashed a few v3.0.4 bugs

  • Tag objects inconsistent across Native vs Web
  • WIFI gateway setup improvements

Native app UI changes

  • “Sensors” now referred to as “Tags”
  • New bottom navigation tab which includes “Feed” option
  • Under Setting, “Change Object” UI enhancement
  • “Movement” graph update
    • Clusters and cluster classification removed
    • Axis change; 7 days on x-axis; 24 hours on y-axis
    • Historical average movement “ranges” shown for each day; can select 7d, 14d, 28d to adjust ranges
    • Actual movements are shown in real-time as blue horizontal bars
    • Algorithm based information is now provided as “insights” on the “Feed” screen

“Climate” graph update

  • Now includes an average line

“Feed” screen for “Notifications”

  • Notification messages now on feed screen (in addition to native push notification)
  • Ability to Archive or Delete individual cards
  • Ability to Archive All cards in feed mode
  • Ability to Delete All cards in archive mode
  • Turn on Archive mode to view cards that have been archived

Tag data export

  • On tag edit screen, export button provided
  • Enter a start date and end date
  • Export minute-level data to CSV file stored on native Files app on phone
  • Can then be shared and/or opened in spreadsheet apps