Caring for Elderly Family at Home

Jennifer McLeod

We know that family caregivers struggle with worry when they can’t always be there.

  • Did Mom get up on time this morning?
  • Has Dad had breakfast?
  • Wonder if they’re taking that new medication as prescribed?

The questions caregivers ask themselves go on and on...

HomeEXCEPT learns and reports on patterns of activity throughout a space while respecting privacy boundaries. Movement and environmental information is delivered to caregivers from tags attached to items that are essential to daily living.

Remote Check-ins

Being able to check activity on your HomeEXCEPT app whenever you want is a wonderful reassurance and you can customize notifications for additional peace of mind.

If Mom has dementia and you’re worried about her wandering at night, you’ll want to know if she opens the front door. User defined notifications allow the system to be truly customized for each individual’s circumstances.

You set specific parameters to trigger notifications on objects you choose. For example, you could set the system to send a notification when:

  • The front door is opened between 10pm and 5am
  • Medication is accessed
  • No one has been in the “favourite chair” in over 6 hrs
  • No activity is recorded at the fridge during mealtimes

The options are practically endless. Which is good news because the worries of caregivers are seemingly endless too.

At home is where seniors want to be for as long as possible. HomeEXCEPT reduces worry, increases safety, and empowers seniors and families to feel confident in their choice to age in place.

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