Placing Tags


IMPORTANT NOTE: At least one tag needs to be within 40 feet of the gateway. The other tags need to be within 20 feet of another tag or also within 40 feet of the gateway.  The tags will then create a wireless mesh network to transmit data to the gateway.

Before placing your tags, consider the habits of who you are supporting. Do they go for a daily walk at a certain time of day? Are there particular objects they routinely use? What kind of information are you looking for?

What do you want to know?

Some Example Use Cases

DescriptionPlacement Options
Is the walker being used?
When was medication last accessed?
Door movement.
Assistance notification
stickknock over
How many times was the toilet flushed?

Placement Methods


The most common way to place a tag is to put it inside the object you want to track.

  • To track medications the tag can be placed in a drawer or box where the medications are stored. When the drawer is opened the tag will record the activity.
  • A jacket pocket is a good way to track activity.
  • Another common spot is inside the fridge door on one of the shelves. Every time the door is opened or closed the movement and changes in climate are measured.
  • If you want to know when the car door is opened a tag can be placed in the cup holder on the door.


If you can't put the tag inside the object you wish to track, attaching the tag onto the object's surface is a great alternative.

  • Attaching the tag on the inside of a door will detect usage.
  • Attaching the tag to the underside of a chair or table can detect usage.
  • When trying to track motion, it is recommended to stick the tag onto the moving part(s) of the object you wish to track.



When placing the tag inside or on an object is not practical, we recommend hanging the tag instead.

A good example for hanging a tag is the toilet. When a toilet is flushed the water supply line will vibrate as the tank refills. Hanging a tag on the supply line can detect this usage.

We recommend using the silicone holder to facilitate the hanging of tags.

The silicone holder provides a lot of options for securing tag. Most common is the zip tie for hanging on handle, chair, side of the bed and more.


Knock Over Stand

Use the stand for a tag on a bedside table or other areas. If assistance is required simply move it or knock it over to trigger a notification.