The tags collect data regarding movement/no movement, temperature, and humidity.

This data is used to create a visual representation of what the tag detects within your app.

To access these visualizations, tap on the tag you wish to look at.

You will see a graph appear, if you are new to the app, there will be hardly any data present at all. The app will need to collect information over time in order to show you a proper visual.

The data is separated into three sections:


Movement: This is where all the movement data is visualized. Your movement, no movement, and # of movements notifications will also appear in here. You will also be able to view ranges. They show you the spans of time in which movements have occurred within the past 7, 14, and 28 days.


Climate: This is where the climate data is visualized. You will see your temp and humidity over time as well as any notifications/limits you've set.


Summary: After 10 days of gathering data, a summary will be available for each tag in your network. This is where you can get an overall summary of the data from your tags.