Use in Senior Living (IL)

John Robertson

An independent living campus or community has the same risks for daily living as any home. Except assistance is closer when someone knows it is needed. But how does someone know it's needed?

An IL community that deploys HomeEXCEPT tags has situational awareness in the room, without compromising the privacy of residents.

Before COVID-19 seeing residents "around" might have been one way to know if they were ok. During COVID-19 most residents are staying in place and may rarely be seen. If they don't have family checking in regularly there could be an issue.

Placement of even one tag per resident provides insight into daily activity. A tag on the refrigerator door would confirm when it's being accessed. Additional tags provide insight into stove usage, water left on, indoor climate etc.

The HomeEXCEPT system is also a perk for the families of residents. By adding them as guests they can monitor what is concerning them. Providing another layer of safety for the resident, the campus and the provider.