December 2, 2020

Product Update

Jennifer McLeod

Updates: | 3.02 | 3.01 | 3.00 |

Version 3.02

We’ve been busy bees this update! - On that note, did you see our about how our sensors helped protect a colony of bees? Check it out if you missed it. Proud team moment. 

Saving the bees aside, improving the lives of older adults and the family and professional caregivers who support them is still our primary focus and this latest update, HomeEXCEPT V3.0.2, is another step ahead in improving our product and service. 

Gateway connectivity options

Your HomeEXCEPT gateway is the “communication hub” that sends sensor data to our backend for machine learning processing before it’s converted to the information you see in your app. 

We always recommend connecting your gateway to your internet router using the ethernet cable we provide in your kit. However, feedback from our users indicated that sometimes, a connection via Wifi is required. All new systems are shipping with a new WiFi enabled gateway and the app (under Preferences) walks you through the steps needed in order to make this connection. Both 2.4 and 5 ghz frequencies will work, but choose 2.4 ghz, if possible, for best results. 

App enhancements

Check your sensor setting screen now to reference a sensor’s install date and estimated remaining battery life. Sensors are optimized to use very little power and under normal conditions, upwards of a 2 year battery life is expected. Colder climates (like the refrigerator) drain the battery faster so this feature will help you manage your system and be prepared to replace a battery before it dies. The sensor editing screen now also shows the install date for each sensor in case you need to reference it. 

Easier group communication

A new option in group settings allows you to copy the mobile numbers of all guests with access to the group. Simply swipe the group, select the “clipboard” option and paste the phone numbers into a text/SMS mobile messaging app in order to coordinate responses to group notifications or communicate about care plans. 

Improved customized notification options

Users can still set customized notifications for movement and no movement as well as for temperature and humidity thresholds; but now, you have the ability to set three different conditions for the same notification! Monitor the fridge for specific windows of time (like breakfast, lunch, and supper) or medications that need to be taken multiple times a day. 

The sky's the limit on how you customize your system - if you need help managing your settings for notifications, reach out and we’ll be happy to guide you. 

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Version 3.01

Our last update to Version 3 was a big one so our latest development sprint focused a lot on internal and backend infrastructure. Every step of the way we want to ensure we’re building a strong product and that means it’s a constant cycle not only releasing new features but making all of our existing ones flawless.

Despite a heavier focus behind the scenes the last couple of weeks, the HomeEXCEPT team is still dropping some great new improvements in Version 3.0.1. Read on for the latest!

Display settings enhancements

A disruption in sensor data is rare but if a sensor on your network did lose connection, you’d certainly want to know right away. We’ve got you covered. In the event of a data disruption, after 10 minutes your sensor icon will turn grey, indicate “No data” below it, and also trigger a notification to everyone on your network.

New global preferences now let you easily show/hide legends as well as select your preferred sensor view default screen: movement, climate, or summary. Simple changes but more options for you to truly customize your HomeEXCEPT experience.

Expanded object library

HomeEXCEPT was developed with caregiving and older adults who are aging at home in mind. However, it’s an easy to use monitoring system and tags can be assigned to many objects. To help support our users in other sectors, like risk and property management, we’ve added 20+ new objects to the library. Need to monitor access to your electrical room or hazardous materials? There’s an icon for that and much more!

NEW sensor sensitivity controls

Your customized HomeEXCEPT system just got more refined! You already know that each sensor monitors movement and environmental data, but depending on how you assign each sensor and the particulars of your specific set-up, you may need more or less sensitivity.

You now have the option to adjust movement sensitivity for optimal performance. We suggest starting with the default (most sensitive) setting and then engaging with the object to determine it’s ideal sensitivity level.

Remember, your HomeEXCEPT system is ANONYMOUS so we do not know what you are choosing to monitor with each sensor so these user-controlled settings are essential to create your most accurate monitoring experience. A toilet will require a highly sensitive setting so that it picks up on the vibrations caused by flushing, whereas a medication pack may require a more mid-range sensitivity setting in order to ensure it’s not registering vibrations from engagement with nearby objects.

Version 3.00

New hardware enhancements allow for a self-healing, more robust sensor network to support larger installations in commercial spaces but software improvements really shine in HomeEXCEPT’s version 3.0. With a fully redesigned user experience, subscribers can expect more intuitive controls and a more thoughtful presentation of data.

Improved App Navigation & Notifications

Everything flows just a little nicer in the V3 app. When you log in you’ll see all of your sensors in a list and selecting the filter icon at the top allows you to filter the list by sensor label or by group(s); handy for teams who are sharing monitoring responsibility. Now if you want to access sensor settings, simply swipe left on a sensor card to access the option to edit. Pull down on the sensor list to refresh with the latest data.

You will also notice an improved menu - similar to sliding a sensor card in order to edit, swiping left and right on menu cards reveals options for editing group options like editing/deleting a group or adjusting notifications.

Your sensors are collecting fresh data every few seconds as indicated under each sensor icon. Sensors are ordered by priority: those with unactioned notifications appear first, followed by all other sensors in order of last activity.

To make it easier to manage in-app notifications, you no longer dismiss them at the group level; notification badges now clear automatically when you choose to view the detail by selecting the sensor from your list. Notifications now come directly from the app rather than SMS and dismissing them doesn’t automatically remove them for other users. Your HomeEXCEPT app icon will also show a badge indicating that notifications are waiting; the badge is cleared when you open the app.

New Sensor Data Visualizations

Machine learning algorithms begin learning patterns when HomeEXCEPT powers up and after 10 days of collecting data, the movement pattern map for each sensor takes on a smarter appearance. As usual, a circle on the map indicates that movement was detected in that hour, and a cluster indicates that movements occurred in consecutive hours. After the initial learning period, these patterns begin to be classified as “usual” (this is a movement that usually occurs at this time), “different” (a movement was detected that is different from what’s normally observed), and “expected” (this dotted line display means that the system expected a movement that did not end up happening).

In addition to the new classification of the movement pattern map, you’ll notice on mobile that the map is visible in 8 hr increments. The current day is highlighted at the bottom and is shown along with the last 28 days to help you identify emerging patterns. Simply scroll left to right to view a different 8 hour period and scroll down to see history. Movement and No-Movement notifications are also indicated. Note that the detailed movement graph plotting all detected individual movements is removed from the mobile view but can still be reviewed on the desktop version at

Along with movement, two other tabs at the bottom of the screen show climate information and a new data summary screen. The climate tab displays temperature and humidity graphs that are now separated into more visually pleasing displays allowing you to view environmental data for the last 24 hours. Climate related notifications are also indicated.

The newly added Summary tab displays an overview of sensor statistics after 10 days of collecting data. Check here regularly to see an overview of yesterday’s data (top, larger blue number) compared to averages for the previous week (smaller, grey number). Here you’ll also see first/last movement, most active/least active times, and minimum, maximum, and average stats for temperature and humidity.